MéliMélo Café

沖縄県 那覇市 三原

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Permanently closeure notice

2022-04-30 will be our last Day at your service in Naha

Thank you very much for your support

We will be relocate in Nagano, 

Please come visit us, see you there


​那覇市三原のカフェMéliMélo Caféです。


We like to drink coffee in so many way, all different country have their style and favourite. Our concept is just to have fun.

We use not only tradition techniques, we also mix and match some interesting combination...

Tea Latte



Not only coffee, we like to drink tea too!

BlackTea from Ceylon with hot Milk and our own added fragrance...

That's my cup of Tea..


那覇市 三原 カフェ ワイン 料理 


MéliMéloシェフ、Kamは料理もMéliMélo♥ フランス語MéliMélo、意味はごちゃまぜMix。




The chef at MéliMélo is a Canadian from Montréal .His dishes are just like the name ”MéliMélo” suggests, a fusion of several kinds of food.

His cooking history started when he dropped out of school. As an apprentice in a Japanese restaurant in Montréal, washing dishes and learning the discipline of the cuisine was cultural shock for him. He was very lucky to have a good sensei.

After ten years working with sushi, he decide to go Japan for working holiday. Experiencing life in Japan was an even greater shock.

When his visa ran out, he returned to Montréal. Life was peaceful but not as exciting as before...

He left Canada again, this time to travel around Asia; Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The exotic food and drinks he found were an inspiration for him.

He discovered Okinawa and found a historical background that made this lovely island very different from the rest of Japan. He also found a unique food culture.

He learned to love Chinese food when he was a child in Kowloon City, when the infamous Kai Tak Airport is still in use. Chinese food is still one of his favourites.

In 1991, he moved to Canada. Life in Montréal give him opportunity to learn not just English and French ,but also to taste food from all over the world, because Montréal is a city with a vast and diffuse culture. People come from the four corners of the world to make a new life there and they of course, bring their culture with them. As a result there is a tremendous variety of food. 

In the MéliMélo Café, we have no one style of food to serve, and so you will find Japanese ,Thai, Italian.....what ever is good..

Our chef's name, by the way is Kam.


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